This past year of lockdowns and restrictions have been a challenging time for us all. Hopefully, there is some hope on the horizon that life will begin to have some resemblance to normality soon, but until that day comes, we must remain vigilant, and stay at home whenever possible.

However, this new normal we now find ourselves in, is the perfect opportunity to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The chance to hopefully stop for a moment and appreciate the little things that perhaps are taken for granted.

With all this time now being spent at home, why not make the most of it (and the nice weather when possible) and get back to nature. Even if you’re working from home, as many of us are; a few extra moments spent outside can be extremely beneficial to your health.

Whether it be in the garden, on your balcony or even indoors surrounded by your gloriously green houseplants, take this opportunity to do some gardening: an activity that not only provides a great way to get some fresh air and a little exercise, but is also known to be good for your mental and social wellbeing – which is something that is very important during this time of uncertainty. 

Spring is almost upon us, and many activities and garden tasks are just waiting to be enjoyed and conquered. So, although some of your favourite shops may not be open right now, there is still plenty you can do to brighten up your day!

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