Discover Job done®

Our revolutionary new weedkiller brand


Whether it is tackling the toughest of weeds, like Japanese Knotweed and Ivy, preventing re-growth or getting quick results, there’s a Job done weedkiller for every weed-related challenge in the garden.


Discover Provanto®

The UK's No.1 Insecticide*

Are pests reeking havoc in your garden? Have aphids got hold of your plants and are sucking the sap out causing them to wilt and lose vigour? Or has a fungal disease caught hold of your edibles?

The Provanto® range aims to tackle all of these problems and more!

*GfK Retail Audit Hitlist, GB Panel Market excl. Ironmongers, Chemicals July 2017

Looking for the perfect plant care solutions?

Well known brands such as Baby Bio®, Phostrogen®, Maxicrop®, Solabiol® and Toprose can be found on our Solabiol website. 

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