Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Concentrate

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Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Concentrate is the go-to insecticide for gardeners, it is fast acting and gives up to four weeks of control. It kills most common pests including Greenfly, Blackfly, Caterpillars including Codling & Tortrix Moths and Beetles (raspberry, pollen and flea beetles) and also controls Weevils, Sawfly, Cutworms, Apple and Plum Suckers, Leaf Hoppers, Capsids, Thrips, Whitefly, Scale Insects and Mealybugs in the home, garden, greenhouse and conservatory. Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Concentrate is great value, making up to 60 litres and its easy dose bottle reduces contact with the chemical when measuring.

    • Unique easy dose bottle - reduced contact with chemical when measuring insecticide
    • Contact insecticide that protects for up to 4 weeks
    • Kills most common insect pests on an extensive range of ornamental and edible plants

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Available sizes:

RSP:8.29 £ (30 ml)

When to use

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How to use

Application method: 
SHAKE THE BOTTLE BEFORE USE. Using the measuring cup provided, add the appropriate quantity of product into clean water in the sprayer. Mix gently. For all outdoor uses (except raspberry beetle): 0.5ml in 1 litre. For raspberry, loganberry, blackberry and rubus hydrids : 0.8ml in 1 litre For all indoor, greenhouse and conservatory uses: 1.0ml in 1 litre. Spray the plant carefully giving good cover of the whole plant. Make sure both the upper side and the underneath of leaf surfaces has been sprayed. Once the bottle is empty, RINSE CONTAINER THOROUGHLY three times before disposal. Add washings to sprayer at time of filling and dispose of empty container safely.



    Contains deltamethrin 15g/l as an oil in water emulsion.

Precaution of use

Pesticide resistance in greenhouse whitefly and some aphids is widespread. Where resistance to pyrethroids is present, Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Concentrate is unlikely to give control. Where necessary use an alternative product. Avoid spraying delicate open blooms. The best time to spray is early morning or late evening. Do not spray in bright sunlight or when plants are dry at the roots.

Regulatory information

Registration name: Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Concentrate

Registration number: MAPP 17126

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Provado UBK Conc contains deltamethrin.