Potato Blight Control

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    This innovative product prevents outbreaks of disease by its safe & reliable effect on fungal spores which cause the infection, protecting leaves and stalks and the potato tubers from the risk of late blight infection after harvest. The unique strength of Potato Blight Control lies in the combination of two potent active substances which work both on the surface and deep inside the plant (systemic effect) giving long lasting protection of leaves, stalks and the new growth.

      Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


        Contains Propamocarb hydrochloride 625 g/l (55.3%w/w), and fluopicolide 62.5 g/l (5.53%w/w) as a Suspension concentrate.

      Regulatory information

      Registration name: Potato Blight Control

      Registration number: PCS 05339

      Use pesticides safely/Read the label