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    A household insecticide suitable for the control a wide range of flying and crawling insect pests found in the home including houseflies, mosquitoes, ants and fleas. As a residual insecticide it can be sprayed onto window sills, skirting boards and other hard surfaces in the home.

      Advertising requirement for Biocides

      When to use

      Not applicable

      How to use

      Application method: 
      Ready to use, Aerosol


        Contains 0.15% w/w d-Phenothrin and 0.15% w/w d-Tetramethrin

      Precaution of use

      Do not breathe spray. For further information, refer to product label.

      Regulatory information

      Registration name: Kybosh Insect Killer

      Registration number: HSE 9131

      Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Kybosh contains 1R-trans phenothrin and d-tetramethrin.