Indoor pest control, a pest-free summer

They are annoying, intrusive and, especially in midsummer, there are a lot of them: With rising temperatures, wasps, flies and other pests can become a stubborn plague. And not just in the garden or on the terrace - the flying pests also make themselves at home in the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom.

Don’t even attract these lodgers in the first place

Prevention is the best medicine. This maxim also applies when it comes to many unwanted lodgers. The fact that the delicious fruit cake or the glass of orange soda on the patio table is an irresistible invitation for wasps, is widely known. But even the fruit bowl in the kitchen or opened storage bags with flour, sugar, oatmeal, etc. attract many buzzing and flying guests like magnets. Keeping these covered or the use of lockable storage containers are therefore simple, but effective measures not to lure wasps, flies and other insects.

Safer solutions against wasp nests on the house

But even the best prevention sometimes reaches its limits. Once you've discovered a wasp nest on your own home, fast, effective and safe control measures are needed. In case of unattainably high or distant nests, use products with a strong spray stream which allows effective wasp control from a safe distance. The active agent mist, which develops during and around the nest, penetrates into the nest, where it ensures a lasting effect.
A wasp foam is the right choice for freely accessible wasp nests. The foam is sprayed by means of a tube into the entrance hole of the nest. There it spreads quickly and does not allow a wasp to escape or attack.

Stop annoying flies

Once flies are in the house, they can quickly become annoying and multiply permanently. During their short lifespan in the season before April up to October, they lay several thousand eggs. If temperatures fall permanently below 15 degrees Celsius, the flies disappear just as fast as they came. Until then, however, up to 15 generations can arise, and these aren’t just annoying but can also be harmful to health. After all, flies can transmit various diseases to humans.

It may also be a good idea to divert uninvited guests a bit - for example, away from the terrace, to a bowl with a few pieces of fruit at a safe distance. Grapes are very good for luring wasps away from the main action, so that you can have a bit more peace on the terrace.

Do you have a problem with indoor pests?

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