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Protect-garden.co.uk is home to well known gardening brands, such as Job done, Provado and Bayer Garden. 

We aim to provide efficient solutions for your garden and home. Whether it is tackling tough weeds or getting rid of pesky pests - we have a product that is right for you!

Select a disease, a pest or a plant to find our solution for your garden:

Discover Job done®

Our revolutionary new weedkiller brand


Whether it is tackling the toughest of weeds, like Japanese Knotweed and Ivy, preventing re-growth or getting quick results, there’s a Job done weedkiller for every weed-related challenge in the garden.


Discover Provado®

The UK's No.1 Insecticide*

Are pests reeking havoc in your garden? Have aphids got hold of your plants and are sucking the sap out causing them to wilt and lose vigour? Or has a fruit moth infestation caught hold of your edibles? 

The Provado range aims to tackle all of these problems and more!

*GFK GB Panelmarket excl Ironmongers, Plant Insecticide, YTD July 2017, value and volume

Discover Bayer Garden

We have a wide variety of products available within the Bayer Garden range to help tackle problems in your garden. 

Whether it's a case of a fungal disease in your lawn or on your ornamentals and edibles; a slug infestation that is taking over your plants or simply the neighbour's cat causing havoc in your bedding areas - we are sure we have the product for you!

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