Weeds do die away

What to do against weeds?
Many garden owners use home remedies in this case. But what is to be considered, how effective are the supposed "insider tips"? 

What helps against weeds in the garden?

Weeds can drive some hobby gardeners to despair: While the lovingly placed plants are still establishing themselves in the bed, the uninvited guests are already spreading. Weeds such as shepherd's purse, thistle, goutweed or field horsetail are undesirable in the ornamental garden - they compete strongly with the actual plants when it comes to nutrients, water and space. 

Stay away from home remedies and "insider tips"

There are a variety of home remedies for weeds that are frequently mentioned on Internet forums or given as personal tips. But beware: Not every recommendation is really effective - and some are often not even legal! We often hear that paving with weeds growing from the joints between the stones can be treated with boiling water, with alcohol, with vinegar or even with flames. However, the danger of injuring yourself when using boiling water or fire equipment should not be underestimated. Many people accidentally even set fire to the neighbouring hedge. 

Tools with expensive consequences

Stay away from aids such as salt or vinegar too: They are simply not approved for weed control. Both with vinegar and with salt, the hobby gardener does far more damage than good - the substances are broken down only slowly and permanently endanger soil, plants and insects. Therefore, the only remaining legal alternative is the mechanical removal of weeds with joint scrapers.

Take the simple and legal route and use tested and approved products. Plant protection products of the latest generation show visible results within a short time, they have a long-lasting effect and bring back the usual, weed-free appearance. For example, pelargonic acid has proved its worth as an environmentally friendly solution. It is effective in the home garden against a wide variety of weeds and biodegradable according to OECD guidelines.

Checklist & tips

  • The sooner you control weeds, the better
  • The weed growth period already begins in March
  • Early-stage control promises the best and most sustainable outcomes