Provanto Greenhouse Fly Catcher

Where to buy

Suitable for organic gardening, Greenhouse Fly Catcher controls a wide variety of pests, including whitefly and blackfly. The strips are ideal for use in greenhouses and conservatories to ensure your plants remain pest free.

    • Highly attractive yellow strip to attract flying pests
    • Controls whitefly, blackfly, and other pests in greenhouses and conservatories
    • Suitable for organic gardening

Available sizes: 20 unit

How to use

1. Use before first signs of pest infestation or in conjunction with other methods of control.

2. For best results use all year round.

3. Peel off the protective sheets before hanging just above the plant canopy, using twist ties, string or hooks. Move the panel upwards as plants grow.



Precaution of use

To dispose of used traps, wrap in newspaper and put in bin.

Regulatory information