Job Done Moss Killer Concentrate 500ml

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Job done Moss Weedkiller is ideal for killing any unwanted moss in your lawn! So why not give it a try and give your garden a new lease of life!

    • Effective moss killer
    • For use on lawns
    • Concentrated formula offers great economy

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Available sizes: 500 ml

When to use

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How to use

Application method: 

Measure the area to be treated and determine the amount of application solution required, do not make up more solution than is required. Moss Killer Concentrate is a moss killer with foliar activity against all green plant parts. Good spray cover is essential.

Moss Killer Concentrate does not possess long-term effects, i.e. re-emergence may occur. Therefore, repeated applications may be applied at 2-4 week intervals if incomplete control is achieved or following regrowth.

For the use against mosses in lawns, mix 170 ml of Moss Killer Concentrate with 10 L water and apply to 10m² of lawn using a watering can fitted with a fine rose or dribbler bar. Ensure complete and even coverage but avoid overdosing. Do not apply during freezing conditions or when rain is imminent. Do not cut grass for one day after treatment. In lawns, no more than one application may be applied. Some transient scorch or bleaching and reduction in growth of treated areas of lawn is likely following application of Moss Killer Concentrate. To avoid unnecessary damage use spot treatments of infested areas only and avoid applying treatments when turf is subject to stress, for example from drought.



    Contains 186.7g/l (18.9% w/w) Pelargonic acid

Precaution of use

Keep product in original container, tightly closed in a safe place. Dispose of unused product in its container at a household waste site (civic amenity site). Dispose of empty container in the dustbin (UK only). Do not empty into drains.

Regulatory information

Registration name: Moss Killer Concentrate

Registration number: MAPP 18329

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Job Done Moss Killer Concentrate contains natural fatty acids.